Friday, August 14, 2015

Juggling Blogging, Writing, and School all at the Same Time!!!!

Personally I haven't figure out my way yet because everything is a little new to me. Hold on though you will see something like that coming from me at a later date. For now I have a newly found twitter friend name Rachel.  Her blog is called Coffee&Calligraphy I spoke to her a few times on Twitter and she is so nice. I just got done reading some of her posts on her blog and its literally like one of the best blogs I read. Its full of life and its like talking to her in person. That is what I try to do in my posts. I'm getting a off topic now Rachel is going to be taking about this in this post. She was so kind to agreed to guest post talking about this subject, here she is.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Writing Update

Hi my lovely viewers so I haven't said anything about what I'm writing. All you guys really know is that I'm writing a book.  To be honest I haven't been writing as much as I wanted to. I just finish my summer classes. Then I go back to school in 21 days. That is why I start this back to school series for anyone mostly directed to bloggers. Any who I'm getting off topic, so I decided I would give you to a guys an idea where I am at in my writing process.

I will be talking about outlining your stories in some upcoming posts, but that doesn't work for me. Every time I try to start outlining I have scenes playing in my head. I did start to outline a  basic idea of a story that I think is really different, but I really wanted to do the story that I been wanting to do for the past two years and I will explain more about it soon.  I automatically stopped that story and put it to the side. Despite me not writing much the last time I checked I was 3000 words which is pretty great.  I'm so excited to jump back in it. 

In all technicalities I started this story two years ago, but then I stopped. When I went to check it out a few weeks ago. I realize it was awful. It had way to much going on it wasn't working for me. I didn't see it going anyway and things got carry away. So when I went into this time I made sure it doesn't get to obscured.  For example the main love interest was a vampire and it had nothing to do with vampires then I brought another guy in it because I wanted to do the best love triangle ever. I decided that will be saved for another day.  I one of the lines in the book went, "Chose, chose, chose, you must choice" I have no clue why this is here and it makes me cringe so much it isn't funny. I'm on the right track now.

I do know where I want it to go I really want it to be three books because that is as much as I think the story and this world can go for. I have and idea for the ending that is so unpredictable for the first book that will blow people away. Then I have the rough idea for book two. Book three is a little too far for me to think of. Who knows anything can change at the moment.  I already have to beta readers. One is my best friend then the other is a close friend. 

Before you guys start think hey its not good to have friends edit your book or read it because they won't criticize you. My best friend is like the brutally honest person out there and she is also a grammar nazis. My other friend loves my writing.  Both of them support me and know I can succeed at anything I do I just have to put my mind to it.  

Off topic again, wow twice in one in post. Must be a scatterbrain today. If you guys are writing comment below on your word count. If there is something special you guys want to see then let me know and I will get to it. Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back again.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Character Connection

Remember my post Starting Your Character? Well this is all about the connection that he or she has to the story. When writing every character has a purpose. As reader I try to figure out how everything will tie together before the ending of the book. You don't want to just place a random character in your book that does nothing. I never really thought much about the connection a character has until I watch a video on YouTube about it. I guess the fact that I have been reading for a very long time that everything came natural, but once you start to think about it everything makes sense. To make it easy look at like watching a movie or a t.v show.

The main character of the show is the most important by far. Everything about his or her past affects them today which will cause things to happen in the story. The reason they act uptight is because something probably happen in their past. There has to be something that connects the character to everything in the story. For example if it is the Villain of the story why does the villain hate them and want them dead? Most likely he or she is in the way of the Villain preventing them from getting them what they want.

So we just discussed how the villain and main character are connected. The love interest of the story will have some sort of connection to the plot and the main character. Whether if he or she is their next door neighbor or a friend of a friend's the choices are endless, but they will be connected. Something in their past will connect them to future self.

I can go on and on about connections to characters, but I would just be saying the same thing. I think this is an important second step into writing a character. This will make them feel real.  As a writer you have to think about it. I will get into more detail about the backgrounds of the characters in another post because this is third step into having a character. For me this is the hardest. Please watch the videos in my last post about Starting Your Character because my ideas flow with theirs and they sparked these posts.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Back To School With Me

You guys are probably wondering what does this have to do with writing. This little series of posts are to show you school tips and organization tips to make life easier. If life is easier then writing will become easier. My sense of logic is if everything is laid in away where you know what you need to do then everything will click and flow much easier. I will be posting something school related or just life related every week. I have some really cool posts planned for this as well as some writing posts coming your way. I want to start to say school is my one of favorite things and watching hauls,
tips, and organization videos get a little boring because it is all the same. I'm always trying to find blogs or articles about this, but I haven't found it. So I'm going to be putting it out there for everyone to see. My main goal of this series is to help regular students or students who are bloggers and that are juggling a lot on their plates. If you guys have suggestions on topics please comment them or tweet me @OnceUpo15467743.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Starting Your Characters

    For me this is the hardest part of writing is coming up with the characters.  After all they are one of the most important part of the story. Without characters we wouldn't have a plot, a story. I'm more of a person who has tons of ideas just not characters. The hardest part for me is making them seem like an actual person. Making them easy to relate to. I see in so many young adult fiction the characters are perfect and aren't easy to relate to. When I'm coming up with characters I want to make sure I don't make those same mistakes. I want them to be real.   I will be doing a number of posts talking about making characters in this post I will be discussing the forming of them. A disclaimer I'm not a professional I'm in the very beginning of writing my book and I have no clue where it would take me. Let's get to it. 

     Everyone says they need a voice separate from your own. That you need to know them as well as your best friend. I will be linking the two people who I found the most helpful during this process. A lot of the things I say may come up off of what they say and they might be different. After all everyone has a different way of doing things. Of course they are right they need a voice and you need to know everything about them. The very first thing I do is write down what I want each character to be like. I did this twice so far and they have evolved into something amazing.

   Depending on your story idea the characters will be different. You will want something out of them. The list doesn't have to be perfect because you are writing down ideas and thoughts. For example mine are more of a person than they were when I start. Heck I added more characters to the mix. This was one of the easiest things I did. In the end you have a rough idea what they are going to be like which is one step in getting your book done.  There is still tons of things you have to in order to make the character work. If you know your character really well he or she will become a baby to you. You will feel for them just like you do with a best friend and that's my goal.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


         Hello and welcome to My Little Writing Corner my name is Cheyenne and I run a book review blog called Once Upon A Time A Review. I feel there is a lot of people who want to become author and they don't know where to go or how to get there.  I'm hoping maybe some of you will see my story and take what I'm doing and use it to your situation. I am far from being a professional writer. You could say I'm a newbie. I don't know where this blog will take or where my writing either, but I'm going to try to make the best out of it.