Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Character Connection

Remember my post Starting Your Character? Well this is all about the connection that he or she has to the story. When writing every character has a purpose. As reader I try to figure out how everything will tie together before the ending of the book. You don't want to just place a random character in your book that does nothing. I never really thought much about the connection a character has until I watch a video on YouTube about it. I guess the fact that I have been reading for a very long time that everything came natural, but once you start to think about it everything makes sense. To make it easy look at like watching a movie or a t.v show.

The main character of the show is the most important by far. Everything about his or her past affects them today which will cause things to happen in the story. The reason they act uptight is because something probably happen in their past. There has to be something that connects the character to everything in the story. For example if it is the Villain of the story why does the villain hate them and want them dead? Most likely he or she is in the way of the Villain preventing them from getting them what they want.

So we just discussed how the villain and main character are connected. The love interest of the story will have some sort of connection to the plot and the main character. Whether if he or she is their next door neighbor or a friend of a friend's the choices are endless, but they will be connected. Something in their past will connect them to future self.

I can go on and on about connections to characters, but I would just be saying the same thing. I think this is an important second step into writing a character. This will make them feel real.  As a writer you have to think about it. I will get into more detail about the backgrounds of the characters in another post because this is third step into having a character. For me this is the hardest. Please watch the videos in my last post about Starting Your Character because my ideas flow with theirs and they sparked these posts.

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